Straight forward font foundry TypeMates is a joint venture between Nils Thomsen (Nils Types) and Jakob Runge (typemefonts). The collaborating black and white experts are developing retail and custom typefaces plus lettering for various clients.
Website and Shop coming in October 2016
Our Catalog of Retail Fonts
Pensum 18 a sharp’n’soft fonts for text, text and nothing but text.
Cera Brush a hand-crafted, brush-made geometric font with high-res details.
Cera Pro supporting pure geometrie plus Latin, Cyrillic and Greek Script. Six weights with Italics and Stencil variants.
Muriza a modest slab with temptious curves.
Jabana Alt an alternate of Jabana with normalized proportions but also great for oriental spices.
Conto a straight forward spurless typeface for complex corporate design.
Conto Slab a significant and unique typeface for strong corporate identities.
MeM is an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities.
Cera Stencil Pro a pan-European Stencil for setting clean but interesting headlines in multiple languages.
Jabana a handmade typeface system for coffee and tea parties.
Urby melts dynamic shapes with geometric construction for branding and editorial.
Jabana Extras a set of handmade and opentype powered icons, banners, arrows and more.
Sinews Sans a square sans, combining a technical armature covered by decent curves and distinctive warmth.
Our design, other reseller
Meret Pro a powerful newspaper typeface in seven weights from thin to black.
FF Franziska merges the main characteristics of Antiqua and Egyptian into something completely new.
Our Custom Font Solutions
Comspot a sans serif with typewriter flavor and a human touch for Hamburg based reseller Comspot GmbH.
Lenbach Grotesk a plain grotesque with charme for Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau in Munich.
Jabana for Lufthansa an customized Jabana with contextual alternates for Lufthansa Magazine.
SAM a compact bespoke typesystem for a company that creates catering system solutions.